Salsa El Gallo The company was founded by Juan and Adina Lopez and Jaime and Veronica Lopez.  Having grown up as migrant farmworkers, the Lopez brothers learned the value of hard work.  After graduating from high school, they dedicated themselves to achieving a higher education.  Juan, an accountant by trade, worked in non-profit/school finance for 20 years.  His wife, Adina, was an educator for over 20 years.  Today they run the day-to-day operations of their food manufacturing business.  Jaime served our country as a United States Marine and is currently a Registered Nurse.  His wife, Veronica, is a Registered Dietician and together they run their home health agency.

Their Mexican heritage, along with living by the South Texas border, plays a large role in their meal choices, especially when it comes to eating salsa! At the time, the only way they could enjoy a truly flavorful salsa at home was if they took the time to make it themselves or having some from their favorite local Mexican restaurant.  In 2011, they saw a need in the market for authentic Mexican salsa.  The Lopez’s invited some friends and family to Jaime ‘s home and they began experimenting with salsa recipes based on salsas their mothers made. After many tastings, they decided on 2 mild/medium homestyle salsa recipes that are staples in Mexican cuisine.  Since then, they have expanded their product line to include 2 hot restaurant style salsas and have been proudly making their award-winning Mexican salsas ever since!